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Where instruction is held

Faculty of Business Administration - the University of Economics Prague

The Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics Prague ranks among the foremost faculties in Central and Eastern Europe focusing on management. The Faculty of Business Administration has achieved, as the only one in the Czech Republic, EQUIS international accreditation.

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Zurich University of Applied Sciences/ZHAW

The ZHAW School of Management and Law is one of the most renowned faculties of management and business in Switzerland and the only one possessing AACSB accreditation. It is part of the ZHAW University of Applied Sciences. Its internationally recognised Bachelor´s and Master´s degree programmes are innovative both in terms of their content and practice focus.

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Programme Structure

Study duration
20 months
Language of Instruction
MBA credits
Course of Study
Teaching is organised as an intensive three-day instruction
Days of Instruction
Once in month always on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9:00 - 16:00
Subject Completion
Each of 17 modules is completed by an examination
Termination of the Programme
The programme is completed by student´s presentation and defence of the final project


Subjects of Post Master´s Degree Programme of the Faculty of Business Administration

  • An alternative to Strategy for MBA (3MB101) is Strategie (3SG400) and Strategy (3SG408).
  • An alternative to Leadership for MBA (3MB102) is Leadership (3PS 441 and 3PS741).
  • An alternative to Marketing for MBA (3MB103) is Marketing 2 (3MG413 a 3MG712).
  • An alternative to Management for MBA (3MB104) is Management 2 (3MA412 and 3MA712).
  • An alternative to Innovation and Entrepreneurship for MBA (3MB105) is Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3PO401) and Innovation and Entrepreneurship (3PO701).

Subjects such as Strategy for MBA, Leadership for MBA, Marketing for MBA, Management for MBA and Innovation and Entrepreneurship for MBA will be taught in regular one week intervals in accordance with the time table for the given semester.

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