1Why should I study MBA for Students at FPH VŠE?
Programme MBA for Students offers you a high quality and respected managerial education, which significantly helps you while execution of the highest management posts. MBA for Students gives you prestigious degree, that will improve your competitive ability on the job market and will speed up your career. You can study programme MBA for Students while studying your Master degree at VŠE, so you efficiently obtain Master degree as well as MBA degree during only two years.
2Who is a guarantor of MBA for Students?
Faculty of Business Administration at University of Economics in Prague is one of the most respected management oriented faculties in Central and Eastern Europe and as the only faculty in The Czech Republic it owns prestigious international accreditation EQUIS. Beside this, Faculty of Business Administration has also international accreditation FIBAA. Swiss ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences is one of the most important management and business oriented faculties in Switzerland, and the only one with AACSB accreditation. ZHAW also owns international accreditation FIBAA. Teaching is guaranteed and carried out by international team composed of experienced specialist from practice and from both partnership universities, University of Economics in Prague and ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
3How is MBA for Students organised?
Studies last 20 months and are provided by international team of top leading experts. Instruction takes place 1 x per month on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in English language. Studies include in total 17 modules, that are each completed with an exam or thesis/presentation. For detailed subject description see the section About MBA. The studies as a whole are completed with presentation and final project defense.
4Where instruction is held?
Instruction takes place at FPH VŠE seat Žižkov quarter in Prague. One of the modules takes place at partnership University in Switzerland. All travel and accomodation costs in Switzerland are covered by MBA for Students programme fund.
5What is the content of MBA for Students?
Thanks to international team of experts you will learn quickly practical approaches and the latest tools in the field of strategy, marketing, sales, management skills and leadership. You will learn how to start and develop business or how to manage company´s logistics. You will be able to effectively lead and inspire your team. You will get to know stories of succesful companies and leaders and familiarize with business law but also ethical principles of human capital management and business.
6What is the language of instruction?
All instruction is held in English
7What are the admission requierements?
MBA for Students (Master of Business Administration) applicant has to meet the following conditions: 1) properly filled in application form and fee payment in amount of 600 Kč 2) applicant have to be Master´s degree student. Applicants do not pass any entrance examination. For further information, please, check the section About MBA.
8Is it possible to study MBA for Students without having any university degree?
Unfortunately not, the applicant has to be Master´s degree student.
9Is there any entrance examination required?
Students are accepted into the programme on the basis of filled in and submitted application form. Applicants have to meet the following conditions: 1) properly filled in application form and fee payment in amount of 600 Kč 2) applicant have to be Master´s degree student.
10When the programme is opened?
Admissions are always 1x per year and deadline for submission of applications is the end of January.
11What is a price for MBA studies?
Tuition fee of MBA for Students programme in 2019 was 90.000 Kč.
12Is there instalment plan possible?
In accordance with the contract, accepted student has to pay tuition fee 90.000 Kč till 30 days from beginning of the first module instruction on account 1828782/0800, IBAN CZ21 0800 0000 0000 0182 . Instalment plan possibilities will be discussed on an individual basis.
13Is it possible to submit application electronically?
Application form can be sent electronically to klara.vackova@vse.cz, handed in personally to dean´s secretariat in RB 440 or sent by post on address Vysoká škola ekonomická, Fakulta podnikohospodářská, nám W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha
14Is there any application fee?
While submitting application form, amout of 600 Kč is required.
15How does an application procedure look like?
After submitting properly filled in application form, we will send you Accepting letter and Contract to be signed. In accordance with the contract, accepted student has to pay tuition fee 90.000 Kč till 30 days from beginning of the first module instruction. Applicants will receive letter of invitation for first seminar. For following seminars, letter of invitation will not be sent any more. Students follow given academic year time schedule, that will be published on the MBA programme website.
16Are seminars compulsory?
Seminars are compulsory. Students are allowed to retake one module for free, if they cannot attend the class for serious reasons.
17How many pages do submitted theses have?
Theses have to contain 2000 words of simple text in total. Final thesis has to contain 50-60 pages of simple text. Further information will be presented by the lecturer or you can check the syllabus in section About MBA.
18What are the conditions of studies completion and getting MBA degree?
Final thesis, presented by student at the end of his studies, has to be successfully defended. No final exams required. After completion of all study duties, students gain MBA degree. It is a professional degree and its holders significantly increase their chance to succeed in big multinational companies´ management. MBA degree is usually placed behind name.
19Are studies finished by graduation ceremony?
Yes, they are. You will have graduation ceremony together with other Master´s degree students at VŠE. First graduation ceremony is scheduled in June 2020, if you submit your final thesis untill 30 April 2020. If you submit your final thesis untill 30 October 2020, graduation ceremony is scheduled till end of 2020.
20Can I prolong my studies?
If not fulfiled study duties, for example late submission of thesis or final thesis or its defence, you can prolong your studies by up to 6 months. Maximum length of studies is 26 months.
21How is MBA for Students accredited? Is MBA internationally recognized?
MBA for Students studies at FPH VŠE in co-operation with Swiss university ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences is accredited. Education certify top managerial skills and requirements to quickly rise in your career, so the education is highly regarded even in managerial practice.