Etika a udržitelný rozvoj v managementu - MBA for students - VŠE v Praze

Ethically Responsible Leadership / Etika a udržitelný rozvoj v managementu firmy

Course code: 3MB112
Course title in language of instruction: Ethically Responsible Leadership
Course title in Czech: Etika a udržitelný rozvoj v managementu firmy
Course title in English: Ethically Responsible Leadership
Number of ECTS credits allocated: 4
Mode of delivery: 3-day modul
Mode of completion: Graded course
Language of instruction: English
Level of course and year of study: Master
Name of lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz, ZHAW, Switzerland
Recommended optional programme components: none
Work placement: none

Aims of the course:

The participants acquire the ability to justify their leadership decisions ethically responsible. They assess the possibilities and limitations of sustainable corporate responsibility and applied business ethics in the corporate world. This enables them to understand the most important ethical theories and to apply them to different problems, dilemmas, and risks in their daily work. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to further develop their capabilities to a holistically responsible leadership with regard to its economic, social and ecological dimension.

Learning Outcomes and Competence:


  1. Are sensitized for the complex consequences of their activities and comprehend how to justify them towards different authorities and are able to communicate them
  2. Comprehend the difference and the relationship between Responsibility and Ethics
  3. Understand how to minimize the negative impacts of business activities on the concerned stakeholders
  4. Lay the foundations for their companies’ long-term survival
  5. Understand the most important ethical theories and apply them in the business world
  6. Make their decisions based on both economic and ethical and ästhetic criteria
  7. Learn how to develop ethical competences for a globally responsible Leadership
  8. Course contents:

    1. Symptoms and causes of corporate misconduct
    2. Reasons for the need for responsibility and ethics in the business world
    3. Definition of ethics and traditional approaches: utilitarian, deontological, virtue ethics with practical applications
    4. Challenges of modern ethics: responsibility for future generations (sustainability), integration of non-human life (biocentrism), dealing with one’s own shadow-side (depth psychology and ethics = depth ethics)
    5. Opportunities and limitations of business ethics
    6. Responsible leadership and sustainable corporate responsibility – how to solve ethical dilemmas
    7. Solving one’s own business issues and/or dilemmas responsibly and/or ethically

    Full syllabus for the course [PDF]