Inovace a podnikání pro MBA - MBA for students - VŠE v Praze

Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Inovace a podnikání pro MBA

Course code: 3MB105
Course title in language of instruction: Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA
Course title in Czech: Inovace a podnikání pro MBA (anglicky)
Course title in English: Innovation and Entrepreneurship MBA
Number of ECTS credits allocated: 5
Mode of delivery: full–time; 2/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week) as semestral course
Mode of completion: graded course
Language of instruction: English
Level of course and year of study: master (second cycle): 1
Name of lecturer(s): doc. Ing. Miroslav Špaček, Ph.D., MBA (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor)
Recommended optional programme components: none
Work placement: none

Aims of the course:

The aim of the course is to motivate students to innovate in business. In the first place, to achieve this goal, students will be introduced to the basic terminology, typology of innovations and historical context for better comprehension. Also issues of innovation management will be introduced. Students will become familiar with the impact of innovation on competitiveness of the Czech republic as well as individual companies with innovative processes and aspects that affect it, including applicable methods and innovation management techniques. The timeliness of the subject will be implemented through lectures by lecturers from companies and other forms of cooperation with experts from practice.

Course contents:

  1. Innovation, the basic definition and classification.
  2. The relationship of innovation and entrepreneurship, creation of competitive advantage based on innovation.
  3. Innovative models.
  4. Product, process, organizational and marketing innovation and their role in business development.
  5. Sources of innovation (push, pull, analogies), transfer of technology.
  6. Creative methods and approaches used in innovation management.
  7. Approaches to management of the innovation process (agile management, Six Thinking Hats, NUF test).
  8. Project approach to innovation management, method Stage Gate, its essence, adaptation of access to selected business models.
  9. In-house business development of the innovation process in the company.
  10. Open Innovation as a modern concept, the limits of this method and its benefits for business development.
  11. Innovations aimed at humans, role of co-creation in the innovation process.
  12. The strategy of innovation process, types and selection of appropriate strategies.
  13. Measurement and evaluation of the benefits of innovation for business (financial and non-financial metrics, their combination and choice).
  14. Barriers to innovation in business, innovation failure and its causes, post-audits of innovative projects.
  15. Organization and facilitation of an innovation workshop.

Full syllabus for the course [PDF]