The Best Management Lessons Stories- MBA for students - VŠE v Praze

The Best Management Lessons Stories / Manažerské příběhy

Course code: 3MB110
Course title in language of instruction: The Best “Management Lessons” Stories
Course title in Czech: Manažerské příběhy (anglicky)
Course title in English: The Best “Management Lessons” Stories
Number of ECTS credits allocated: 6
Mode of delivery: -
Mode of completion: -
Language of instruction: English
Level of course and year of study: -
Name of lecturer(s): Mgr. Ing. Stanislav Háša, PhD. Ing. Andrea Bartoňová
Recommended optional programme components: none
Work placement: none

Aims of the course:

Students will be introduced to the management best practices through the management stories of successful companies, both from the perspective of managerial models and tools, as well as through the lens of the founders and successful CEOs themselves. The focus will be on explaining the process of implementation of managerial measures and steps, as well as on change management. There will be successful management stories introduced as per chosen management topics, to cover the topic thoroughly. Students will be expected to demonstrate also contextual thinking, incl. considering situational factors, that led to success of specific company/management. This will be the key part of the tuition, so that students would understand the contextual causalities of the management and studied management in a contingency way. The aim of the course is not to provide definite answers or “guaranteed” managerial recipes, but to introduce the management in its “live” form and at the same time to teach the students think about the management in conceptual way. A synthesis of these stories as searching for the common key success factors will be part of the course as well.

Learning Outcomes and Competence:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. To understand the concept of “best practice” in management, its benefits and limits.
  2. To understand the chosen key topics of management
  3. To be able to propose possible system managerial measures and adjustments of managerial model of the organization, consider its advantages, disadvantages and to identify the implementation risks
  4. To understand the context and situational causalities of management
  5. To be able to identify key success factors of organization and suggest their possible (re)design
  6. Course contents:

    1. Management models of organizations and contextual causality of management, why management stories.
    2. Chosen management stories of companies and managers, discussion and their analysis.
    3. A synthesis and discussion of chosen critical success factors and increasing of the organization’s performance.

    Full syllabus for the course [PDF]