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New Drivers In Marketing / Nové drivery marketingu

Course code: 3MB108
Course title in language of instruction: New Drivers In Marketing
Course title in Czech: Nové drivery marketingu
Course title in English: New Drivers In Marketing
Number of ECTS credits allocated: 4
Mode of delivery: -
Mode of completion: -
Language of instruction: English
Level of course and year of study: -
Name of lecturer(s): Prof. Dr. Brian P. Rüeger, Head Institute of Marketing Management and potential guests: Dr. Michael Klaas, Dr. Adrienne Suvada, Dr. Kurt Ackermann, ZHAW, Switzerland
Recommended optional programme components: none
Work placement: none
Pre-Reading: Principles of Marketing (17th Edition) (9780134492513): Philip T. Kotler, Gary Armstrong. The textbook is the starting point and prerequisite for the lectures. It will not be covered during the lectures. It is the starting point for New Drivers in Maketing.

Aims of the course:

The participants acquire the ability to identify new drivers in marketing. They understand how they impact marketing frameworks. They assess opportunities and limitations of changing consumer behaviours and new segments, new marketing technologies and channels, new marketing competencies and disciplines. This enables them to understand the most important new marketing approaches to cope with the increasing dynamic and complexity in marketing decisions. They are able to assess case situations, identify drivers, develop a new approach to differentiate the offerings or value propositions and defend their concept in a term paper.

Learning Outcomes and Competence:

  1. Are aware of new drivers in marketing and of the impact on marketing
  2. Comprehend traditional and modern marketing frameworks
  3. Understand the impact of increasing dynamic and complexity on marketing decisions
  4. Understand and apply new approaches in marketing to differentiate the value proposition
  5. Are able to present a new marketing concept in a convincing manner and to defend their thoughts
  6. Course contents:

    1. Traditional and modern marketing frameworks
    2. New drivers in marketing: new marketing technology (AI, bots, digital channels, data, content), new consumer behaviour (changing values, new segments, new opportunities)
    3. Dealing with increased dynamic and complexity of the markets
    4. New approaches to differentiate through: service domination, knowledge, speed and agility, customer experience with wow effects.
    5. High level concept for a new maketing approach for one’s own business situation

    Full syllabus for the course