Strategie HRM - MBA for students - VŠE v Praze

Human Capital Management

Course code: 3MB115
Course title in language of instruction: Human Capital Management
Course title in Czech: Human Capital Management
Course title in English: Human Capital Management
Number of ECTS credits allocated: 4
Mode of delivery: Classical teaching
Mode of completion: -
Language of instruction: English
Level of course and year of study: -
Name of lecturer(s): Frithof Müller / Kateřina Legnerová
Recommended optional programme components: none
Work placement: none

Aims of the course:

The students know the origin of Human Capital Management (HCM) in economics and the definition of Human Capital Management. Furthermore the know about the meaning of HCM in business administration and know the difference between HCM and HRM. Human Capital Management as a competitive factor and the contribution of Human Capital Management to corporate management (4-Markets Model). Importance and development of the three areas of action of HCM.

Learning Outcomes and Competence:

Students develop an understanding of the importance of HC in corporate management, know models and reflect on them using their own examples.

Course contents:

  1. Development of Human Capital Management
  2. Theory of Human Capital Management
  3. 4-Markets Modell
  4. Three areas of action of Human Capital Management: Labour Market Management and Recruiting, Performance Management, Competence Management

Full syllabus for the course [PDF]